What Exactly Is Crystal Healing And What Can It Do?

Have you ever wanted to find an alternative treatment to a particular ailment that you are suffering from? Many people will go to a doctor because they are sick, suffering from chronic pain, or perhaps they have a mental conditions such as depression or anxiety. In our modern age, there tends to be a pharmaceutical treatment for everything. If you have a problem in this area, or pain in another, there is always a pill that can potentially solve your problem. The problem is that pharmaceutical treatments, although many of them do work very well, often have dramatic side effects. If you have ever listened to the commercials where the pharmaceutical companies that have spent billions of dollars researching the pills that they create, trying to earn billions more with the sales of their products pushed by major media and your local doctors, it’s absolutely astounding how many negative side effects can be found with one pill that does one positive thing. If you would like to try something else instead of putting your body through the usual discomfort that typically occurs taking pharmaceutical medicine, you might want to go with a more esoteric approach, something that has been used for thousands of years by different cultures all over the world.  There are many different methologies. You can ask a psychic to heal you, pray to god or resort to “crystal healing”. In this article, we will address what crystal healing is, how you can do this on your own, and where you can find a professional that is adept at using crystals in order to affect a positive change within the body producing beneficial results.

Understanding Crystal Healing

amethyst for healing purposes

The Power is withing….

Crystal healing is a form of alternative medicine, one that is highly regarded by those that are interested in, and that have used, alternative forms of healing. There is the belief that energy from the body that is conveyed through the crystals is able to be amplified to such a degree that a few others own personal energies can be amplified to effect a more dramatic change. Of course, there is no scientific basis for whether or not this works simply because there are no scientific instruments which can measure the power of a healer. All that we can go on is the fact that when modern medicine has not worked at all, and when a healer is brought in and a documented miracle occurs, it is clear that something has occurred within the person that was healed, and that this change was initiated by the person attempting to heal them. In many cases, these healers will use a quartz crystal, something that we all use today in modern electronic equipment in order to amplify, redirect, and change different forms of energy. It’s not far-fetched to assume that if there was actually an energy emanating from the person that was healing that it could be in some way amplified in the same way that electrical impulses and sound which are sent through quartz crystals in very common instruments such as computers and radios, that the energy from the healer could be amplified and modified by the same types of crystals.

Different Types Of Healing Crystals

In the same way that modern science has shown that different colors affect changes in mood, hormonal changes, and chemical changes within a person’s body that is merely observing different colors, different crystals are used, each with their own unique color signature, which theoretically can provide a different frequency for the energy that is modified through the crystals by the healer. There are many different types of crystals that are used including quartz crystals, amethyst, moldavite and many others. There is a bit of debate over whether or not the color and type of crystal is actually modifying the energy, or that the type of crystal that is used by the healer is attuned to their particular frequencies, allowing them to effect a more positive change. Regardless of which interpretation is correct, most dealers can tell which crystals are helping them the most, and the end result of the person being healed is evidence that something is working.

The Benefits Of Using Crystals For Healing

There are a couple different benefits to using crystals when you are doing a healing. First of all, if they truly do amplify the energy that you are using when you are doing a healing, they will be very effective when you are doing a hands-on healing, and most definitely when you are healing from a distance. In the same way that crystals are used to transmit radio signals, and convey information within computers in the form of silicon chips, the same can be true for those that are doing healing at a distance or in close proximity. Furthermore, the color of the crystals may play a large role in how effective the healing can be. Simply by having them present in the room, not necessarily holding them in your hands while the healing is underway, it can help attune your energies so that the healing can be more effective than in their absence.

Now that you have a little bit of insight on what crystal healing actually is, if you have been doing hands-on healing, or distance healing, for several years, you might want to give this a try. Its good for your karma. When you do this, it may not work right away as you have to learn to channel your energy through the crystals, the once it becomes second nature, you will be able to have better results whenever you heal another person.